Customize your PV Module Plant


||||| : Major processing station

||||| : Minor processing station


A: option of auto operation
bs: backsheet
jb: junction box
g-g: glass-glass
M: option of manual operation
p5: 5th processing station
LEL: long edge leading
MWT: metal wrap through
SA: option of semi auto operation
SEL: short edge leading
UPPH: unit panel per hour

1. Customize your solar panel type

60-cell, glass-bs Yes No
60-cell, glass-glass Yes No
72-cell, glass-bs Yes No
72-cell, glass-glass Yes No
96-cell, glass-bs, solar cell array 8*12/ 6*16 Yes No
120-halfcell, glass-bs Yes No
120-halfcell, glass-glass Yes No
144-halfcell, glass-bs Yes No
144-halfcell, glass-glass Yes No
bifacial, glass-glass Yes No
shingled, 1-/ 3-jb, 10-/ 20-string Yes No
ultra-light flexible, 6*10/ 6*12 Yes No
MWT Yes No

2. Customize your annual capacity

Note : P = 110,120 or 138
panels per hour: p =
operating hours per day: h =
operating days per year: d =
major panel size, Wp w =
MW/year for SC automation: p*h*d*w =
whole line's MW could be limited by capacity of stringer
& lam. refer to 7: Optimize UPPH